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Animals: GEMSBOK

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Gemsbok - Oryx gazelle
Habitat requirements    
Gemsbok are essentially a species of open, arid country.  Open grassland, open bush savanna and light open woodland are preferred habitat.
Food preference    

The Gemsbok is primarily a roughage feeder and is able to digest a diet high in fibre as long as it has access to water.  Up to 75 percent of the diet consists of grasses and herbs, the rest being made up of browse and fruit. Acacia  pods are readily eaten, as well as various tubers, rhizomes and bulbs that are high in water content.  Grasses recorded being eaton include Chloris virgata, Dactyloctenium giganteum and Aristida stipitata.

Water requirements    
Gemsbok are not water dependant, but where available will drink approximately 9 litres of water per day.  Water is desirable where the grazing is dry.
Minimum viable group size    
Sex ratio    
One male for every four females
Herd population growth per annum    
25 percent
Life span    

19 years