PALA annual general meeting
4 November 2008
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Held at the Opstal on the 4 November 2008 at 16:00
Minutes of the  Landowners Association Annual General Meeting


No apologies were received.

1. Welcome

The meeting commenced at 16:00 and Chris du Toit, the Chairman, welcomed all, especially the new participating members, present at the Annual General Shareholders Meeting.

2. Attendance

The attendance register was circulated and signed.  (See Annexure “A”).

3. Adoption of the Agenda

The agenda was adopted on proposal of Jimmy  D and seconded by Dewald H.

4. Approval of the minutes of the 2007 Annual General Meeting

The minutes was approved on proposal of Etienne M and seconded by Tonie R.

5. Directors’ Report

Chris DT presented his Director’s Report.   (See Annexure “B”).

Chris DT reported that a number of cable thefts had taken place in the space of one month on Pride of Africa.  Chris DT emphasised that a meeting would take place on the 18th of November 2008 at Charl VD’s place with  the Dinokeng LOA EXCO Chairman to establish a think-tank to address the theft, as well as proposals for the phasing in of first the Rhino and Buffalo and secondly, the rest of the Big Five.

5.1 Appointment of Farm Operations Manager

The following was discussed in addition to the report: 

An Farm Operations Manager had been appointed because Robert was far too busy.  Robert and the newly appointed Farm Operations Manager, Eddie van Deventer, worked jointly.  Beulah asked why Robert was not offered the position of Farm Operations Manager.
Jan E confirmed that we needed someone to live on the property full time and that Robert lived in Hammanskraal, but added that the Farm Operations Manager is now living on the property full time.

Etienne M said that the  Farm Operations Manager position had firstly been offered to Robert, but he did not accept as he wanted to stay in Hammanskraal because he had small kids.

Dewald H commented that Robert also had not had a proper holiday in a long time and now he could take a proper six-week holiday.

Eddie  VD presented his farm report.

Joe M asked Eddie VD whether the Rhinos on  south Dinokeng had been in the boma for three months before being released. Eddie VD confirmed that they had indeed remained in the boma for three months. Deveareau P said that the situation regarding the security radios would have to be addressed in detail especially because 90% of PoA falls outside cell phone reception area and thus they were unable to communicate via cell phones. Eddie VD said that the issue would be discussed in detail in the Lucas Van Dalen report to be presented by Lucas VD.

5.2 Hunting/Culling

Nothing further was discussed in addition to the written report.

5.3 Feedback on current financial affairs

Chris DT stated that they needed additional security.  Communication had to be increased and they would have to purchase two way  radios for staff and landowners.

Chris DT drew the attention of the meeting to the list of animals that had been introduced and dropped of south of, the tar road (not POA side), because the northern fences had not been fully electrified as yet.

Chris DT added that the Department of Labour had completed an audit and had found that the employment contracts of the guards at the gate were not on official letterheads. They would be back in a few weeks’ time and it would be rectified by then.


6. Sale of Game

No discussion took place

7. Dinokeng

7.1 Traversing rights

See Lucas Van Dalens’ report on Traversing Policies (Annexure “D”).  Lucas gave a summary of the content of the Lucas Van Dalen report.  The Lucas Van Dalen report  addressed the issue of handling traversing rights in great depth.  Lucas VD emphasised that the phase that Pride of Africa was entering was quite challenging.  The Lucas Van Dalen report was a solid basis to work from, quite informative and a good guideline. 

Lucas VD reiterated that the negotiations between the landowners were mostly verbal and on a goodwill basis.  It was important not to get too bogged down by precise hectare for hectare kilometer for kilometer issues.  One had to remember that one property might be smaller, but attract more game and so forth.  The better goodwill generated the more all could prosper which in return could have an effect on the natural reserve experience.  Lucas VD considered it to be an excellent report.

7.2 Timing for the dropping of fences

Refer to Annexure “D”, Lucas VDs’ report.

7.3 Regulations for game viewing vehicles

Refer to Annexure “D”, Lucas VDs’ report.

7.4 Road closures and routes

Refer to Annexure “D”, Lucas VDs’ report.

7.5 Access and security on the reserve

Refer to Annexure “D”, Lucas VDs’ report.

7.6 Discussions of Dinokeng Regulations

Refer to Annexure “D”, Lucas VDs’ report.

7.7 Other

On proposal of Chris DT and seconded by Jimmy D it was moved that that a subcommittee be formed on the traversing rights.  Lucas VD would chair this committee.

Neels Serfontein nominated Joe M representing participating landowners  to be on the subcommittee and Beaulah seconded that.  Chris DT reiterated that it was critical that the traversing issue be dealt with in a proper manner.

8. Approval of Annual Financial Statements

The issue of legal expenses exceeding R20 000 was raised, especially because these legal expenses were being incurred to litigate against the owners. 

Chris DT was adament that he could not be hampered in performing his duties preventing him from seeking advice from legal experts, if and when needed.  He reiterated that he was not of a legal mind and that he needed advice on certain matters as it arose, especially when he received lawyers’ letters and he needed to respond.

Jan E wanted to know why a clearance certificate had been issued to Leopardsong without the same fuss and legal expense as when issuing the clearance certificate for Didimala.

Chris DT explained that the whole issue was that Didimala had required a clearance certificate to transfer the property.  Pride of Africa was not happy to issue the clearance certificate because Didimala had contravened the rules regarding the maximum number of beds etc.

Chris DT noted that the previous AGM had taken a vote and had voted in favour of issuing a clearance to Didimala in order to prevent expensive litigation.  Chris DT advised that this set a precedent and a clearance certificate was issued to Leopardsong for the same reasons.

The meeting agreed that the past was in the past and the fact that the clearance certificate had been issued to Didimala and Leopardsong was a necessity to effect the transport of the property into the new owner’s names. The Didimala/Leopardsong position did not mean that everyone could go about as they pleased.  The rules still applied and they all had to adhere thereto.  Etienne M said that it was important that landowners recognise that the Didimala/Leopardsong transfers were “extraordinary” and the rules and regulations of Pride of Africa must not be comprised in the future.  Jan E suggested that a sub-committee be established to oversee the transgression of building rules.

Etienne M propsed, and Charl DT seconded, that the financials be accepted.

9. Appointment of Auditors

The re-appointment of the Auditors – JS Brewin & Associates was proposed by Ig G and seconded by Tonie R.

10. General

Neels S complained that the meeting had been a rush this year and added that he felt that PALA should be the main meeting.  Joe M commented that PALA was always the first meeting.

Chris DT stated that the Directors would consider having the PALA AGM before the POA AGM

Etienne M thanked Chris DT on behalf of the shareholders for all the time he spend fulfilling his duties as Chairman which he did very well and was not compensated for.  Etienne M requested the shareholders to support the Directors.  Beaulah reiterated that the meeting had taken place in a good spirit and that it was healthy to express their feelings.  Let bygones be bygones. 

The meetings was adjourned and no future date for the next Annual General Meeting was set.




Just north-east of urban Joburg and Tshwane lies the vibrant and warm, big-sky region of Dinokeng, where the world's largest diamond was discovered. Today the area is sparkling with natural, cultural and historical attractions, a place where South Africans and their visitors enjoy the outdoors and the history and culture of Africa.

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