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Red hartebeest - Alcelaphus buselaphus
Habitat requirements    
Red hartebeest prefer open woodland or grassy plains.  They avoid closed woodland.  They are frequently found on boundaries between open grassy plains and woodland.
Food preference    

Red hartebeest are grazers.  Grass make up more than 75 percent of its food, with browse and fruit the remainder.  Certain grass species are avoided.  Cynodon dactylon  is a grass species that is readily grazed by other grazers, but is avoided by red hartebeest.

Water requirements    
Red hartebeest are water dependent and utilise approximately 5.5 litres of water per day
Minimum viable group size    
Sex ratio    
Three males for every five females
Herd population growth per annum    
20 percent
Life span    

13 years

The red hartebeest is the first animal to lose physical condition when the veld deteriorates.  It cannot tolerate prolonged cold conditions.