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Animals: WARTHOG

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Warthog -Phacochoerus africanus
Habitat requirements    
The warthog prefers open savannas, greenlands, vleis and floodplains with short heavily utilised grass.  Warthog occur in high densities in areas with alluvial soils containing many aardvark holes.
Food preference    

Warthog live on annual and perennial grasses which grow in lawn-like swards, such as Sporobolus, Cynodun dactylon, Panicum and Brachiaria .  They are partial to freshly sprouting grasses appearing after a burn and also utlise the underground rhizomes of the grass.  The greater part of the diet consists of short grass, but warthog will also feed on sedges, herbs and wild fruit.

Water requirements    
Warthog are not dependent on an open water source and occur in some areas where there is no water available for up to six months.  If water is available warthog will drink approximately 3.5 litres of water per day
Minimum viable group size    
Sex ratio    
One male for every two females
Herd population growth per annum    
20 percent
Life span    

20 years

The warthog is sensitive to drought, cold spells and floods, which drown them in their burrows.  The warthog is one of the first herbivores to lose physical condition in a drought.  Large changes in population size may occur during such periods.