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Animals: ZEBRA

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Burchell’s Zebra - Equus burchelli
Habitat requirements    
Burchell’s zebra are adapted to a broad range of grassland habitats. Open savannah with grass and sufficient water is very important.  Forest and dense woodland is avoided.
Food preference    

Zebra are defined as bulk grazers and feed on almost any grass species. Themeda triandra and Cynodon dactylon are preferred grass species. Zebra in the Kruger National Park are said to feed in areas with long grass, not lower than about 100 mm to 150 mm from ground level.

Water requirements    
Burchell’s zebra are water dependant and utilise approximately 12 litres per day
Minimum viable group size    
Sex ratio    
One male for every two females
Herd population growth per annum    
25 percent
Life span    

35 years